Camp is On!

With the recent announcements from the Government of Alberta, we have decided that camp will be a "go" for this summer, with some changes.
In just the last few days the Alberta Government has published the "Open for Summer Plan." We now feel more confident that we will be able to go ahead with our camps, but with some changes.


See the remainder of this posting to obtain the details, but the short answer is that we are expecting to have the following camps this summer:

Open For Summer Stages

The government is planning on opening things in stages. The following describes how these affect our camp opening. Note that our ability to run camps is highly dependant on the province reaching stage 2 and stage 3.

Stage 1

This stage will be starting on June 1. The camp activity it affects is the June 5 work day. This work day will progress more or less as usual, but with one important change. We will not be providing an evening group meal. The camp will be available to the workers but you will need to bring your own lunch and supper. In terms of limits, we will need to follow the guidelines used for outdoor work sites.

Stage 2

This stage will come in effect "Two weeks after 60% of Albertans 12+ (born in 2009 or earlier) have received at least one dose, and hospitalizations are below 500 and declining." It is presently expected to be in effect mid-June.

It is stage 2 that will allow us to have overnight camps and it is expected that these will be the rules in effect for the Tree Climber Weekend. The rules should allow us to have this camp with only some minor changes from normal:

  • There will be a pre-camp questionnaire for the parents to fill out shortly before camp.
  • There will be a daily symptom check including taking temperatures.
  • The games are likely to be non-contact.
  • The cabins will be more spread out. That is there will only be one or two father/son pairs in each cabin.
  • The crafts will be more spread out, involving a number of our covered cement areas rather than just the area in front of the craft shack.
  • The meal seating will be more spread out, making more full use of the dining room instead of just a couple of tables.

Stage 3

This stage will come into effect "Two weeks after 70% of Albertans 12+ (born in 2009 or earlier) have received at least one dose." It is presently expected to be effective by early July (possibly by late June).

This is the stage we really need to reach for our week-long camps. It essentially lifts all the restrictions provided that certain protective measures are taken. It is under this stage that we plan to run the Battalion and Stockade camps.

Battalion Camp - July 11-17

You may be wondering what has happened to "Leadership Trails" and "Adventure Trails." We have decided to merge them into a single week this summer. This decision was made for two reasons:
  1. The projected date for stage 3 hits during Leadership Trails, making it difficult for us to make concrete plans, and
  2. Both our registrations and our current leaders are down from previous years. By merging these camps to use the later date we make it more likely that we have reached stage 3, and it allows us to merge our leaders into a single team.
If you are already registered for Adventure Trails, then you do not need to perform any additional action. Essentially your camp is just being renamed, and a larger age group (12-18) is going to be allowed. If you are registered for Leadership Trails, you will be contacted shortly by our registrar to see if you would like to come to the merged camp. If you cannot, you will receive a full refund.

Please note that this change is intended for this year only. Next year we plan to be back to having two camps for the two different age groups.

Stockade Camp - July 18-24

By this point we should be solidly in stage 3 so this camp should run as normal, with perhaps some minor changes from previous years.

How Can I Help?


First of all pray. We haven't actually reached stages 2 and 3 yet, and all this depends on those goals. We need the province to reach certain levels of vaccination and declining hospitalizations. So please pray that God will heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).


As all years, how many boys we can take at camp depends on how many leaders we have. And as we have been through a year of uncertainty, our current leader list is smaller than it needs to be. We need counsellors, cooks, maintenance staff, and general helpers. If you can help us out in this area see our Staff Application.


Our camp fees are designed to cover the cost of our activities and food. They do not cover the camp maintenance and improvements. We are in fairly good shape financially - thanks to our many supporters - but if you wish to share in this work, see our How to Donate page.