Covid-19 Update

At this point we are hopeful that we will be able to operate all of our camps this summer (2021). But obviously this will be dependant on the COVID situation improving in the next few months.

So for know we are planning for the camps, but be warned that this may change if the COVID situation does not improve.

Note for renters

We are not yet providing general rentals of the camp. Currently, only a single household is allowed to gather inside or outside, so a general rental is simply not feasible. See here for details.

However, we can make the camp available to small family groups within the health restrictions, although we are not considering these to be rentals. A donation of money or time helping with camp improvements, would be appreciated, but is not required. Typically this would be for families who have some connection to the camp, either as a worker or a regular renter. Contact the Camp Manager or the Camp Registrar for more information.