Leadership Trails Camp

Leadership Trails
Leadership Trails, July 3-9, 2022 - boys ages 15-18

These are the last few years that you will get to come to camp as a camper. After this life gets harder! So come an enjoy a "last hurrah" with a really exciting week.


If you have fond memories of your years at our Adventure Trails camp, well this week is even better! We intentionally make this a smaller camp, capping attendance at around 30 boys, so that we can take the adventures to the next level.

At this week of camp, the white water rapids are higher, the rappelling often means going face first (also known as "aussie style rappelling") and the game times can stretch you to your limits. Top that off with a full day of shooting everything from small .22 rifles to large calibre hunting and classic WW II era rifles. And we finish each day with a campfire Bible Study that we trust will get you thinking.

Have you ever thought you would like to be involved in a camping ministry? We don't call this week "Leadership Trails" for nothing. Our staff will be watching and near the end of camp we approach a few of the boys to see if they would be interested in returning the next year as a Counsellor In Training (or CIT to use the term you are more likely to hear). So be thinking about this, and contact us if you think it would interest you.