Nelson Rothfus Memorial Scholarship Fund

Father/Son Team Day
We strongly believe that a family’s financial situation should not prevent a boy from coming to camp. To this end we have a scholarship fund which is used to assist with this need.

When a family requests such help, we contact them and often their church, in order to determine a partial or even a full subsidy that will allow them to afford to come to our camp. These subsidies are paid for out of this scholarship fund.

Who is Nelson Rothfus?

Nelson was a long time leader both in the Christian Service Brigade and in our camp. For the last few decades of his life he was not only on our board, but was also the camp manager whose presence seemed almost synonymous with camp. After his death the board decided to rename our scholarship fund in his memory.

How to Donate

If you wish to donate to the scholarship fund, simply include the word “scholarship” in the comment area of your donation.