Our camp capacity is limited by two factors: the physical space, and the number of leaders. We set our limits accordingly, so you may see the number of available spaces grow as we get our full set of counsellors recruited.

If the camp is currently full, you can still register and you will be waitlisted on a first-come basis. As space becomes available you will be contacted and will have the opportunity to attend.

Important! If you need to cancel your registration for any reason, it is important that you tell us as soon as you can as this will allow someone on the waiting list to attend. We will give you a full refund so long as you let us know.

Our Registration System

This is our forth year using the registration system called “ACTIVE.” For those of you who were with us last year, you will find that the process is now shorter as the relevant information from last year will be filled in automatically.


Full payment is expected at the time of registration and is typically done via the ACTIVE registration system. If you need to make payment by some other means, you will need to contact our Camp Registrar first so he can setup the necessary alternative.

What about the age limits?

We set the age limits on our different camps to help reduce bullying and to allow us to plan age appropriate activities. But you know your sons better than we do, so you will know if it is better to hold him back another year or let him move to an older age group a bit earlier. We do ask that if you want to do this you contact us so that it does not catch us by surprise. You will also then need to "fudge" your son's birthday for a year in order to get it through the registration system.


Early Registration Discount

If you register before May 1 you are eligible for an early registration discount. The system will apply this automatically during the checkout process.

Camp Discount for Staff (New for 2024!)

If you have a boy or boys coming to one of our weeklong camps, and you are coming as a staff member, you can get a $50 discount on the registration. Simply add the coupon "STAFF2024" when registering (be honest please) and the discount will be applied when you register your boy(s).

Multiple Son Discount For Day/Weekend Camps

If you register more than one boy for the Father/Son Team Day or the Tree Climber's Weekend, you pay the full price for the first one and a discounted price for the remaining ones. This will be handled automatically by the registration system and you will see the discounted price during the checkout process.

Family Rate Discount For Weeklong Camps

If you register more than one boy in one of our week-long camps you are eligable for a discounted rate. Unfortunately the registration system does not handle this automatically.

When you register a camper you will see two possible rates listed:

  • One Camper
  • One Camper (Family Rate)

If you have more than one boy registered in any combination of the week-long camps (Stockade, Adventure Trails, and/or Leadership Trails) you can select the family rate for all of those boys. Be honest please.

Is the price still to high?

We don't want finances to be the reason that a boy couldn't come to camp. To this end we have a Scholarship Fund that can be used to assist those who need help. Contact the Camp Registrar to make the necessary arrangements.


Select this link if you just want to view your account in the ACTIVE Works Registration System.