Our camp capacity is limited by two factors: the physical space, and the number of leaders. We set our limits accordingly, so you may see the number of available spaces grow as we get our full set of counsellors recruited.

If the camp is currently full, you can still register and you will be waitlisted on a first-come basis. As space becomes available you will be contacted and will have the opportunity to attend.

Important! If you need to cancel your registration for any reason, it is important that you tell us as soon as you can as this will allow someone on the waiting list to attend. We will give you a full refund so long as you let us know.¹

Our New Registration System

Starting this year we are using a new registration system called “ACTIVE.” One of the benefits of this system is your core information will be remembered from one year to the next, making your future registrations easier. And we benefit by having a simpler system that saves us a lot of work. (Although it does come at a cost - we pay a fee for each registration.)

Since this is the first year that we are using the system, we suggest that you have this web page open in another browser window as you apply for the first time. That way you can refer back to it if you have questions.


Typically you would pay the full amount online at the time of registration. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, we are recommending that you delay payment until we are more certain that the camp will take place.

To this end, we have configured a "payment plan" option where you don't need to pay until two weeks before camp. You can select the "Enroll in payment plan option" and then select the "Pay balance manually" billing option. That will allow you to go to your ACTIVE account and pay the bill later, after we can confirm that the camp will take place, but no later than a week before camp.

Important! This is not our permanent plan - it is an interim plan due to the COVID situation. Next year we expect to return to the pay in full when you register method.


Early Registration Discount

If you register before May 1 you are eligible for a $10 discount. To apply this, use the coupon code "EARLY" during the "Review Cart & Checkout" screen.

Multiple Son Discount For Day/Weekend Camps

If you register more than one boy for the Father/Son Team Day or the Tree Climber's Weekend, you pay the full price for the first one and a discounted price for the remaining ones. This will be handled automatically by the registration system. Just add the camp to your shopping cart and then increase the quantity in the shopping cart. When go get to the checkout, you will see the discounted rate. Note that you can also add the "EARLY" discount code, provided that it is before May 1.

Family Rate Discount For Weeklong Camps

If you register more than one boy in one of our week-long camps you are eligable for a discounted rate. The new registration system does not handle this automatically, instead you select one of:

  • One Boy Registration Rate
  • Family Rate

when you register. If you have more than one boy registered in the week-long camps, you should select the "Family Rate" option in all of them. (Be honest please.)

Is the price still to high?

We don't want finances to be the reason that a boy couldn't come to camp. To this end we have a Scholarship Fund that can be used to assist those who need help. Contact the Camp Registrar to make the necessary arrangements.


!! Under construction !! The system is almost setup. We are putting in the final details and changing the instructions on this page based on our testing. We hope to be online by Feb. 27.

TODO: Put the register button here

Select this link if you just want to view your account in the ACTIVE Works Registration System.

¹ What is "ACTIVE REFUND" and do you need it? When you reach the checkout point of the online registration you will be given the option to make your registration refundable by ACTIVE for a fee. You don't need to do this. If you need to cancel we will provide a full refund at no cost, so long as you let us know before the camp. So feel free to select "no" when you see this option. If you select "yes" to this option, we do not have the ability to reverse it. That portion is maintained by ACTIVE and is not under our control. But we must emphasize again, that you need to inform us before camp. If you don't inform us - if you simply don't show up - then please don't expect a refund. Another boy on the waiting list could have come in your boy's place if you only let us know.

What is "College" and do you need it? You may or may not see this when you register your son. It is not something from us, but seems to be a service offered in some agreement between Active and College Advisor. You don't need it, and by default it will not be selected, but feel free to read the description and decide for your self if it would be useful.