Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact

If you need to contact the camp in case of an emergency, these are the numbers you should try, and in the order that you should try them.

Camp phone: +1 (403) 636-0757 – This is the number of the phone that is physically at the camp. If there is someone actually at the camp, this will be answered quickly. If not its messages are checked at least once a week. Also, if you are renting the camp and this phone rings, you should answer it as it is also the first number that will be called if the camp needs to be evacuated.

Camp manager: +1 (403) 391-3795 – This is the number of Ken Edwards, our current board president and the camp manager. If you cannot reach anyone at the camp, this is the next number to try.

General contact: +1 (403) 816-0228 – This is the number of Steve Klassen, another member of the board. If you cannot reach Ken, Steve is the next one to try.

Note that the camp phone in particular is intended for emergency use. If your child has forgotten his medication, that may constitute an emergency. But calling to wish him a happy birthday is NOT an emergency.