What happens at our camp?

Of course the individual activities at each of our camps differ from one week to the next, there are some things that are common to all.

  • Bible focused – We don’t hide the fact that we are a Christian camp. And as such we ensure that we have a Bible focus throughout the camp. This typically involves cabin Bible studies, all camp campfire sessions, and informal discussions throughout the day.
  • Dedicated leaders – Our camp runs an all volunteer staff. The workers are there because they believe in the camp and the service it provides. We train them and support them.
  • Qualified instructors – Especially with our older camps, some of the activists come with risk. Whether it be white water rafting, rappelling down a cliff, or learning how to shoot, we ensure that our instructors are well qualify and well trained.
  • Great outdoor activities – Situated in the Bow Forest, we have a great location for outdoor activities. The older boys will often spend most of the day on some outdoor adventure. But the younger ones too will spend much of the time canoeing on a lake, swimming in the James river, and just playing outside.

How To Register

To register for one or more of our camps, press the application button to the right. It will take you to the page that describes our registration process in more detail.

Becoming Involved

Camp isn’t just great for the kids – it can also be great for the parents. Perhaps you would be interested in coming with your boys. Often a number of our counsellors in a given week will also be dads. And moms can come and help as well in a variety of fields. If you are thinking you may be interested in this, check our our staff application.

Some Useful Resources

Everything that you need to know for the summer camps will be emailed to you when you register. But just in case you lose something, you can always find it here.

The permission slip and the medical form are especially important. They must be brought with you to camp! Failure to do so will mean delays as you fill them out at camp (and some embarrassment as you call your wife to admit you don’t know your son’s health care number 🤔).