How to Volunteer

At Camp Teepee Pole all of our staff are volunteers. This includes the need for cooks, maintenance staff, registration & administration, speakers, and of course, the counsellors.

For cooks and maintenance, the main contact is our camp manager, Ken Edwards. For all other staff it is Stephan Bieganek If you wish to volunteer, the first step is contacting one of us.

The next step, is to fill out a staff application using our new online application form.

Camp Discount for Staff (New for 2024!)

If you have a boy or boys coming to one of our weeklong camps, and you are coming as a staff member, you can get a $50 discount on the registration. Simply add the coupon "STAFF2024" when registering (be honest please) and the discount will be applied when you register your boy(s).

Keeping Everyone Safe

There are four items that are required from all of our staff.

Statement of Faith
First, as we are a Bible based camp affiliated with the Christian Service Brigade, all staff must be in agreement with our Statement of Faith.


Second, all new staff, or those that have been away for a few years, will need to provide references. We will contact those references to inquire as to the suitability of the volunteer for the given position.

Police Information Check

Third, all staff must provide police information checks (PIC). This applies not only to new staff, but existing staff will need one every five years. If you already have a PIC from another position (say your church or school), you do not need to repeat it, you can simply send us a copy. Otherwise we can provide a letter which will lower, or even waive, the fee required by the police. You will need to pay the fee up front, but will be able to claim it as an expense with the camp.

Commit to Kids

Fourth, all staff must complete an online training course entitled “Commit to Kids.” Just like the PIC, this will need to be done every five years. There is no cost to this (that is no cost to the volunteer, the camp pays a fee). If you have done this course for another position (say your church or school), you do not need to repeat it, you can simply send us a copy of your certificate.

Training Options

First Aid

We strongly encourage our leaders to obtain a first aid certification. If you also want to be one of our rafting guides, then a "Standard First Aid" (the two day course) is a prerequisite. If not, the simpler first aid courses are fine.

One option is to obtain this through St. Johns Ambulance. In particular the following courses seem appropriate for our needs:

  • Awareness Training Emergency First Aid ($25). This can be done completely online in under four hours.
  • Standard First Aid Blended ($162). This is the equivalent of the 2-day course. It is done mostly online but finishes with an in person assessment and exam. This is the level you need as a prerequisite for the Swift Water Rescue course (for our raft guides).
In person courses are also still available. Their catalogue and timetable is available from their web site.

If you are coming to Camp Teepee Pole as a leader, we will reimburse you this expense (or from similar first aid courses), so remember to keep your receipts.

Accessing your ACTIVE Camps account

Once you have signed up as a camp staff, you will have an ACTIVE Camps account. You can use the following links to access your account, make changes, and so on.
  • General Staff Access - All staff have this access which will allow you to see what camps you have applied for, change your personal information, upload a photograph, and so on.
  • Director Access - Camp directors will also have access to this link. This will let you see who has registered for your camp (or camps) as well as to send out emails.

Some Useful Resources