For the past fifty plus years, Camp Teepee Pole has provided an invaluable and indelible experience for the countless men and young people that have walked through its gates. Affiliated with the Christian Service Brigade we share the CSB goal of to win and train boys for Christ.

Our campers have a diverse number of activities that they can participate in, teaching them to properly care for the environment and to learn new skills and see and enjoy God's creation that surrounds this area. The current topography and location of Camp Teepee Pole affords us the opportunity to let our campers participate in activities such as: outdoor education, archery, limited field sports, rock climbing and white water rafting are some examples. Come join us and build Godly men of the future. In short, this is a place where boys can be boys while learning about Gods love, their Creator.

O LORD, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth! Your glory is higher than the heavens. You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength, silencing your enemies and all who oppose you.
Psalm 8:1-2 NLT